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The Logo Spaghetti Ball Update #94, 3/19/2022 - Prince of Space

Welcome to Msties Domain, the website of Toolmaster Jeff Zehnder. This site is all about Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), a television show that features three characters wise-cracking on low-budget films. The site contains bot building guides, reflections on multiple MST Conventions and gatherings (including Gateway and a Cinematic Titanic live show), and 3D renderings of the bots and the SOL. You'll also find a written MST fan-fic, how to create your own shadowrama, and more. If you came here expecting a Quantum Leap page, please hit the back button now. For the rest of us, get yourself a cup of Swiss Miss and enjoy.

Crow The News (Brought To You By Crow):

Howdy and welcome to Msties Domain. Crow T. Robot here to let you know about an avalanche of updates to the Bot Building Garage on this website. Some of the pages there hadn't been updated since the year 2000, and it showed. I've changed my bowling pin (along with my voice and personality) three, four, maybe even five times since then, but these pages were still there, wasting away like bread that's well past its expiration date. I love moldy bread as much as the next guy, but come on! Thankfully, pages in the Bot Building section are newly redesigned and look like something actually from this millennium. Now we just need to update Tom to be nicer to me. He stole my chicken puppet and I want it back. I'm trying to learn FORTRAN to reprogram him, but it's hard. GPC 2 knows FORTRAN, but she won't help me either. I think she's in on it. I will get my chicken puppet back.
- Crow

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