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Welcome to Msties Domain, the website of Toolmaster Jeff Zehnder. This site is all about Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), a television show that features three characters wise-cracking on low-budget films. The site contains bot building guides, reflections on multiple MST Conventions and gatherings (including Gateway and a Cinematic Titanic live show), and 3D renderings of the bots and the SOL. You'll also find a written MST fan-fic, how to create your own shadowrama, and more. If you came here expecting a Quantum Leap page, please hit the back button now. For the rest of us, get yourself a cup of Swiss Miss and enjoy.

Jack Perkins The News (Brought To You By Jack Perkins.):

Welcome back to Biography... I mean This Old Bot on Public Pearl Television. What we're going to be working on today is a classic Art Deco Crow. Now you can see here that the years have caused some wear and tear. We've got some chipping under the cornices, and there's some tuck pointing that needs touching up, but this is a real nice example of 20th century ingenuity. These hot glue runs are pretty typical of the period; to an unsophisticated eye, it might appear to be an error, but the runs actually are an homage to similar markings on the original Crow, which is now kept in a vault in Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota. I'm particularly excited because the "e" marking on the mouth here indicates he was crafted with an Empire bowling pin. It's rare to see one these, and we can tell by the plastic scuffing evident through the paint topcoat that it saw use in actual bowling, which mean it's probably original to the bot. You'll often see replacement pins, as the originals are tough to come by and sometimes don't last; ceiling fans can do a real number on these guys. The sticking and binding when you move the puppet rods isn't too surprising, but will be a tough job to fix. I may have to call in a specialist I know, a fella named Jef Maynard. He's a whiz with these Crows. We're going to take a break, and when we come back, Norm's going to check in with our friend M. Waverly, who recently restored a 1988 AMC Crow that Gypsy had been tinkering with for years. It's got a killer radio.

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