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Welcome to Msties Domain, the website of Toolmaster Jeff Zehnder. This site is all about Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), a television show that features three characters wise-cracking on low-budget films. The site contains bot building guides, reflections on multiple MST Conventions and gatherings (including Gateway and a Cinematic Titanic live show), and 3D renderings of the bots and the SOL. You'll also find a written MST fan-fic, how to create your own shadowrama, and more. If you came here expecting a Quantum Leap page, please hit the back button now. For the rest of us, get yourself a cup of Swiss Miss and enjoy.

Jack Perkins The News (Brought To You By Jack Perkins.):

Welcome back from the break, and what a nice break it was. I know I will definitely be going out and buying at least a gross of every product advertised during those commercials. But if commercials aren't your thing, there's one place you can go - Netflix! Where the only ads you'll see are for that one comedy special Netflix is sure you want to watch even though you've repeatedly scrolled past it. No? That only happens to me? Well, anyway, after watching all 14 of the new Mystery Science Theaters, which we could call Mystery-er Science Theater, although we won't, I've been keeping my fingers, toes, and voodoo amulet collection crossed hoping for more. Now Season 12 is a go! We're all still waiting for news on when it will premier, how many episodes there will be, and if any Biography hosts will be making cameos, of course, but all in due time. Until then, there's always that unwatched comedy special.

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